Holistic Onion, huh?

Why that?

Well there are several areas that I will be concentrating in order to improve the whole. Each layer is adding its own energy. Instead of each layer representing one area of concentration, it will be its own representation of a harmonious merging of several elements. Consider each layer as an indication of time, rather than a specific goal. At the end, I hope to be one big sweet, positive yumminess of the best me...and dead...because I don't plan to stop till I am dead!

So where to begin?

I am going to start small, in my opinion. I not only want to incorporate the change into my life, but savor it and the process. Embrace it as a lifestyle change and really enjoy the journey that the process has to offer. For this first step, I am giving myself 30 days (this is just a starting point) to make 4 changes. During this time, I will incorporate the element, assess the viability of it being a lifestyle change, recalibrate if needed, and repeating the process until all 4 have been incorporated, this will then be my first ring!

What are the 4 changes?
  1. Area: Food
    • Incorporate 2 healthy breakfasts
    • Make bone broth
  2. Area: Physical Health
    • Daily detox regiment
    • DIY shampoo
  3. Area: Spiritual Health
    • Daily Meditation
  4. Area: Home
    • Devise a weekly cleaning routine
Since this blogging thing is new to me, I will describe each Area once I determine the best way to organize all this, whether its a weekly update, or maybe each area is a separate blog. Not sure, but I will let you know when I figure it out!