Monday, July 22, 2013

My Favorite Stuff: Crock Lunch Warmer

Initially, I was looking at thermoses to bring my lunch to work. For several reasons, I am trying to avoid the microwave. I am not concerned at this point in my journey the health impacts of standing too close while it is running. What I am concerned about is my food. I work hard creating nutrient dense food for my body and hate the thought of losing any of the benefits because I "nuked" my food. The timing also worked out well because work is remodeling the cafeteria, which means higher traffic for the microwaves on our floor.

I thought the thermos would be a good idea. Warm the food at home on the stove, into the thermos, hot and ready for lunch. But then I can across the 20-ounce Lunch Warmer from Crock-Pot and its brilliant!

Mornings are difficult trying to get myself and the kids ready for out-the-door by 8am. I certainly don't have to do as much as most. Kids get breakfast at daycare, I don't have to pack them lunches or snacks. But like most households with kids, there is always something to veer a morning routine into a ditch.

My point is, this crock has some great advantages over the thermos taking this into consideration.

  1. I don't have to pre-heat my meal! I simply pack my breakfast (usually some sort of scrambled egg, cheese, veggie combo) into the crock! When I get to work, I plug it in and my breakfast is ready in 30 minutes. It might be ready sooner, haven't checked. Usually it takes me 30 minutes to settle in, checking email and crafting some quick responses to emails or running off to a meeting. This will not cook the food, simply reheats it! Great for those days with back to back meetings when I might not get back to my desk for an hour.
  2. I can also pack a lunch that will need heating! All I have to do is clean the stainless steel insert, throw in my lunch and BAM! another hot meal without having to buy another thermos! 2 hot meals, 1 piece of equipment!
  3. It has a nice handle, its light, and fits into my daily bag of holding. I really hate carrying a bunch of stuff into work. 1 bag to rule them all and it fits.
A word of caution though, the insert has a "lid", I say this loosely because it does not screw on. There is also an outer lid that does screw on, but not really as a seal. What this means is that liquids will leak if you have it on it side...why would you store it like this? No clue, but just sayin...don't.

The two lid system is also nice because it contains the smell of your heating food. Which I guess your cube buddies will appreciate.

I have taken this to work and over to a friend's courteous is that, no dishes to clean up afterwards! I love it and can't recommend it enough!

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