Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Favorite Things: Bathtub Overflow Cover

SERIOUSLY, my most favorite thing of 2013! If I were Oprah, all of my friends and family would have one! I read about it on one of the blogs that I follow.

I love the concept of baths, but I don't own a soaker tub. If I am going through the trouble and water to bathe, I want all my important parts covered. I want to be soaking in that tub, chin deep in water so hot that it makes your scalp sweat...but that's another topic.

This soft plastic cap attaches to the tub with little suction cups and covers your current overflow plate. I was skeptical at first. But for $7.24, I was willing to take the risk. It totally works! I was able to fill the tub all the way up to the ridge of the tub (Only recommend this if you are in it first! Water displacement baby!). I was up to my chin in hot Epsom salt water, no lights, and door locked. All important parts covered!

Here is the link to the item on Amazon: Better Bath Deep Water Bath

For all you bathers out there or those that potentially could be ... this is totally worth the investment!

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